Biohazard Decontamination

Every violent death scene carries an unknown number of germs. The professional crime scene cleaner must assume that the blood and other potentially infectious matterials (OPIM) carries dangerus germs. We call these germs "bloodborne pathogens."

When bloodborne pathogens e on a death scene, the cleaner works with biohazards that may quietly and quickly indure the cleaner for life. For this reason, among, others, crime scene cleanup companies price their services much higher than plumbers and electrians.

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There are few professions that touch on death in Costa Mesa the way that crime scene death cleanup must. No other area of life in Costa Mesa protrudes into the sanctity of the individual and his or her home as does the crime scene cleanup technician.

The crime scene cleaner's role must include exposure to the victim's life. If Costa Mesa County suicide cleanup means meeting the suicide victim's family, then a bit more than a business attitude may help.

Stepping aside from the Costa Mesa family's issues, the biohazard cleanup technician takes a mental snapshot of the victim's final momments, the crime scene cleaner's view of the death scene invokes a stark reality. The victim's life ended here in Costa Mesa as no one would have imagined 10 years prior. In this way, among artifacts in this environment, the crime scene death cleanup begins with a history and horrific tragedy. Debris went here and there.

This crime scene death scene places the cleaner next to the deceased in a way that no other person will experience, ever. The personal belongings that gave some meaning to the decedent's life surround the cleaner.

The Costa Mesa crime scene cleaners must touch some of the deceasdent's remains in a way that no one else cares to imagine. In this moment there exists a familiarity unavailable to any other human being. These moments represent more than simple cleaning for the sensitive biohazard cleaner. These moments of death scene cleanup represent an intimacy with the victim.

Crime scene death cleanup may serve the victim's family in a manner most people cannot imagine. Cleaning the remains of a homicide carries a responsibility few claim as their role in life; the crime scene death cleaner stands a bit taller for the privilege of aiding families in Costa Mesa.

Corruption in the Orange County Coroner's Office

Its seems that every day I must write about corruption in the Orange County coroner's office. What a monumental waste of time. The public would help me make the needed changes in the coroner's office if they knew what I know, but they do not.

The deputy coroner once asked me not to make "disparaging comments" about he Sheriff's office. After that conversation I hoped she would call off her employee's criminal enterprise defrauding Orange County's victims of violent crime scenes, violent suicides, and unattended death. She did nothing. I removed 90% of my web pages with facts about Orange County coroner corruption. The other 10% I hid on Internet hiding places, waiting to see.

I waited months, wrote emails to the Sheriff, and now I stand in front of the Orange County civil and municipal court houses on Civic Center Drive in Santa Ana. I alert people to the crimes taking place in the coroner's office. I alert families of deceased violent crime victims, violent sucides, and unattended deaths.

What more can I do to help Costa Mesa's residents and business owners?

Business continues as before. So now I placed a few hundred more web pages in Costa Mesa to prove a point. My point, Costa Mesa families in need of professional crime scene death cleanup help do not reach the Internet. If families in need of Orange County crime scene cleanup help reached the Internet, eventually some of them would dial my telephone number. They do not.

Only one explanation exists, coroner's employees direct families of violent crimes, violent suicides, and unattended deaths with decomposition to corrupt crime scene cleanup companies.

I would be overwhelmed with glee to learn that Orange County's coroner employees do not defraud grieving tax payers. If only another simple answer existed, like I've been using the wrong telephone number.

But no, I've asked others for a reality check, and reality replies with a ringing telephone number right here in Costa Mesa when I care to test my crime scene cleanup reality. My telephone would ring in anywhere in Costa Mesa no matter who called or when they called.

An even easier answer, but hardly believable, means that Orange County residents do not use the Internet.

I've lived in Orange County over 30 years and I know from visiting Fry's electronics that Orange County residents have a love affair with electronics as well as computers. In fact, I don't know anyone in Orange County who does not use the Internet. So what's going on in Costa Mesa? Surely people require coroner's help in Costa Mesa.

Would Costa Mesa residents use the Internet to find crime scene death cleanup help if they knew Orange County biohazard cleanup companies were available? I think so.

Would Costa Mesa residents and business owners use the Internet for Orange County blood cleanup help if they knew they would save hundreds if not thousands of dollars? I think so.

As a result of using my telephone number to call for homicide cleanup, suicide cleanup, or unattended death cleanup help and informatin, Costa Mesa residents would save money, find guaranteed biohazard cleanup help when they found me, an experienced, professional Costa Mesa death cleanup professional. With hundreds of death cleanup services shared around California, my experience would help Orange County residents beyond measure.

So many Orange County residents would save thousands of dollars. So many Orange County residents would have an affordable crime scene cleanup company in Orange County. For now, Costa Mesa residents and business owners do not access to Eddie Evans' affordable crime scene cleanup business.

It seems ironic that I do business in Costa Mesa as crime scene cleanup and no one has the faintest idea that I exist becauses of the Orange County coroner's corruption.

Please call me about any of the above at any time. I am interested in your thougts. Yes, I do business as crime scene cleanup in Costa Mesa. I own crime scene cleanup on the Internet.

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